How to start Baglamukhi Sadhana

Here i want to discuss some of the main questions a sadhak asks before entering into sadhana

Question 1. Who should do Baglamukhi Sadhana.

Answer : Anyone can do baglamukhi sadhana.

Question 2. Can we Do Baglamukhi Sadhana Without Guru?

Answer: No it can not be done without guru.

Question 3.  Can We do baglamukhi Sadhana at Home or we need to go to Devi temple or some other places

Answer :   Yes Baglamukhi Sadhana can be done at home and you do not need to go any where. But if you are capable  then you can go to any shakti peeth in india or the nearest temple.

Question 4.  Which mantra of Ma Baglamukhi is Correct?  There are various Baglamukhi Mantra available on net and other places Which one is Correct.

Answer : Every one should start baglamukhi sadhana from the beej mantra “HLREEM” . In the beginning you should do one lakh chanting of this mantra. This is called purascharan or anusthan.

About sumit girdharwal

I am a professional astrologer and doing research in the field of effects of mantras. I have keen interest in tantra and it's methodology. For mantra sadhana guidance email me to or call on 9540674788. For more information visit our website

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  1. What is marjanam? I have read that for any puruscharan one has to do the required number of chanting and then homa, tarpan and marjanm. Also was told that if you cannot do any of the last three you should chant twice as many times as required. That is if you need to do homa 10 000 times chanting the mantra then you do 20 000 times chanting instead. Does this apply to tarpan and marjanm?

  2. heramb kolapkar

    I want some suggessions

  3. Hppy to join u ur oreachings suggetion and more i m hppy to hear frm you abiut ur wishes for doing bgla mkhi sadhna for all it gives mi tremendious happiness it is my luck k m aap se iss madyam dwara baat kar raha hu thanks to internet sir z i m facing crisis of two blk mgk spell 1) voddo 2) siflee plz tell when i contct u abt my lifes sufferings plz help mi out my mbl no is 08983328644 plz help sir zi

  4. Maa baglamukhi Ka poojan kis din karna chahiye? Or agar unka vrat krna ho to kis din krna chahiye?

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