Ma Baglamukhi Pitambara Shabar Mantra in Hindi and English

Every one is aware of shabar mantras and their power and if it is the shabar mantra of ma baglamukhi then words become less to say anything about it’s power. This mantra is done to stop the enemies  and their bad work. If enemies are creating hurdles into you life then this mantra is very helpful. It can be used to control bad Government officials who are against you. It can also be recited for winning false court cases. One thing i want to clarify is that don’t do it without guru diksha or initiation and also don’t choose this mantra yourself. Talk to your gurudev first  and let him know about your problem and let him find out the correct mantra for you to recite and whatever he suggest just do that with faith in your mantra , your guru and your deity. Ma pitambara is not only the giver of relief when you are into problems but also the giver of knowledge. She removes the illusion of Maya and shows you, your real picture.

Baglamukhi Shabar Mantra in English

Om Malyachal Bagla Bhagwati Maha-kruri Maha-karaali Raaj-mukh-bandhanam Gram-mukh-bandhanam Gram-Purush-Bandhanam Kaal-Mukh-Bandhanam Chor-Mukh-Bandhanam Vyaghra-Mukh-Bandhanam Sarva-Dusta-Graha-Bandhanam Sarva-Jana-Bandhanam Vashikuru Hoom Phat Swaha

Download Baglamukhi Shabar Mantra in Hindi and English

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  1. panit ji namskar sir kisi andar ke dusman ko dund nikalne ke koi visesh mantra,havan mai dikchit hun kadvi,mithi havan karta hun

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