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Agama Rahasya Book By Sri Yogeshwaranand & Sumit Girdharwal

We are very happy to announce that Agama Rahasya book written by Sri Yogeshwaranand Ji  is getting released now. This book will provide you in depth knowledge of tantra and will clear many of your doubts related to tantra.

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Shatkarma Vidhaan New Book षट्कर्म विधान

Shatkarma Vidhaan षट्कर्म विधान

New Book Written By Sri Yogeshwaranand Ji & Sumit Girdharwal Ji. This the best book on tantra which  provides in depth knowledge of Mantras Tantras & Yantras. It provides most powerful mantras of different fields.

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Ganapati Prayoga  ( गणपति प्रयोग )
Hanumat Prayoga ( हनुमत प्रयोग )
Baglamukhi Prayoga ( बगलामुखी प्रयोग )
Dhanada Yakshini Prayoga ( धनदा यक्षिणी प्रयोग )
Pratyangira Prayoga ( प्रत्यंगिरा प्रयोग )
Aghori Prayoga ( अघोरी प्रयोग )
Saundarya Lehri Ke Tantrik Prayoga  (  सौर्न्दर्य लहरी के तांत्रिक प्रयोग )
Durga Tantra Prayoga ( दुर्गा तंत्र प्रयोग )
Pitambara Panchastra Prayoga
Dhumavati Tantra Prayoga
Kaalratri Prayoga
Bhairav Prayoga
Navarna Mantra Prayoga
Shanti, Vashikaran (Mohan & Akarshan) , Stambhan, Uchattan, Vidweshan, Maran hetu mishra prayoga
Vishwavasu Gandharvaraaj Prayoga

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Preview of the Book

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It is a preview of the book shatkarm vidhan. If you want to buy this book please deposit Rs 280+100 (courier)= Rs 380/= in below a/c –
Sumit Girdharwal
Axis Bank 912020029471298 (Current A/C) IFSC Code – UTIB0001094 And send the receipt to our email

Shatkarmas are mentioned below  
Shanti,  Vashikaran (Mohan & Akarshan) Stambhan,  Uchattan, Vidweshan, Maran

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